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Athlete's Village

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Right beyond the main stadium lies the Athlete's Village, a haven for masters enthusiasts. Picture this: a gathering where passion for the sport unites us all. Immerse yourself in good company amidst the enchanting Swedish summer, enveloped by the pulsating energy of a championship atmosphere. Join us in crafting unforgettable moments and celebrating the essence of athletic camaraderie.

Discover comfort & excitement:SERVICES

In the Athlete's Village, you'll find many things to make you comfortable. Here's what you can expect:

  • Food & Drinks
  • Medal Plaza
  • Special Nights
  • Master's Expo
  • Information Center

We're delighted to have you here:Welcome everyone

  • For athletes striving for greatness
  • For families creating cherished memories
  • For volunteers lending helping hands
  • For Gothenburg, the heart of it all
  • For everyone, united in the spirit of competition and fellowship

The place where champions rest and stories are told. Join us in creating memories that goes a long way beyond the competitions.

  • Just a little while longer: DAILY PROGRAM

    Stay tuned as the daily program for acitivties will be released at a later date...

  • Find your path to excitement: ON THE MAP

    Athlete's Village on Google Earth

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