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As a registred athlete or accompanying person you can enjoy seamless and easy tranisitions between the competition venues. In partnership with Västanhede, the organizer provides free shuttle service between Slottsskogsvallen, Bjorlanda Athletics Center and Ullevi Stadium.

This inclusive service is covered by your accreditation, serving as both access and ticket. For Non-Stadia events in Slottsskogen, a brief stroll from the main stadium awaits you.


Gothenburg is a pocket-sized metropolis where almost everything is within walking or biking distance. This also includes the Championship main stadium Slottsskogsvallen and the secondary one, Ullevi. If you prefer other means of transportation, there is a well-developed tram network that runs on 100 % fossil free electricity and no less than 1 750 practical rental bikes at your disposal. You can also use the buses, ferries, taxi services or the trains to move around the city.


The city operates a popular rental biking system called Styr & Ställ with 1,750 bikes at 135 stations. With 7 gears and all bikes accessible through an application in your smartphone, it is both ecofriendly and convenient to discover the city. The price for renting a bike is approximately 2€ for a 30 minute ticket.


The first tram line in Gothenburg was started in 1879 by the English company Gothenburg Tramway Ltd. Today the tram system is covered by more than 200 trams and 133 stops. The trams are not only a beautiful and historic way to discover the city, they're also fully electrified. To decrease the sound from the trams the tracks are often surrounded by grass, which contributes to a greener city. The public transport system, wich is ran by Västtrafik, is also operated by electrical buses and ferries.

The Västtrafik Travel Planner application is the service to use when you need to find your way around the city and to purchase your tickets to the public transportation system. The service is available on the web or as an application in your smartphone.


  • 90 minutes single ticket: 3€
  • 72 hour ticket: 10€
  • 30 days ticket: 75€

Please note that Public Transportation is not included in your accreditation


Contact us at if you have any questions regarding accommodation.