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Medal Plaza


The medal ceremony is a moment frozen in time, where the collective heartbeat of competitors, spectators and the spirit of the sport itself converge. Each medal carries not only the weight of achievement but also the stories of setbacks overcome, hours of training endured and the resilient spirit that refused to yield.

In those brief moments on the podium, the medals become more than symbols of victory; they become beacons of inspiration, encouraging future generations to embrace the challenges, pursue their dreams, and, above all, to discover the champions within themselves. The medal ceremony is a sacred ritual, immortalizing the triumph of the human spirit in the arena of competition.

Welcome to help us in honouring our medalists.


All the medal presentations will be held at the Athlete's Village, just outside the main stadium.


The schedule will be announced closer to the event.

Gold is just not a color.

It is the silent language of champions, spoken in metal.