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Venues & Stadiums


We’re proud and excited since we've got the honour to welcome the world masters athletes back to Slottsskogsvallen once again. Long time no seen! As the stadium became a centenarian in 2023, the city celebrated by giving it some well-deserved polishing to regain its historical and colorful glory. In order to be in perfect shape when you arrive, the tracks will be replaced just in time before the opening ceremony. Slottsskogsvallen and the beautiful surroundings of the City Forrest will be more than ready to serve as our main stadium and the beating heart of the championship experience.


Ullevi Stadium has a great history of hosting numerous iconic sporting moments and international championships. It has been witness to breathtaking victories, heart-stopping clashes and the emergence of new legends. Ullevi is a multi-purpose stadium in the city center of Gothenburg. Originally built to host the 1958 FIFA World Cup, the stadium also opened its doors to host the 1995 World Athletics Championships and the 2006 European Athletics Championships. The name Ullevi roughly means “Ull’s kingdom or temple” and relates to Ull, the god of games in old norse mythology.


Let’s take a ride to the north side of the river and have a look at our third stadium. Björlanda Athletics Center is all brand-new and designed to host competitions in a modern way. As well as it's the realization of an idea thanks to the World Masters Athletics Championships, it’s also built to host the future of our sport. The size of the stadium is impressive and set to square meters, there’s nothing like it to be found anywhere else in northern Europe.

The stadium is the place where champions rise and memories are eternally engraved.

Slottsskogen City Park

Welcome to one of the oldest, largest and most popular city parks in Sweden. Thanks to it's rich plant and animal life, Slottsskogen City Park has been the locals's chioce for a sunny day since 1874. During the championships the park will play it's part as the venue for the 10K Road Walk, 20K Road Walk, 10K Road Run, Half Marathon and the Cross Country competitions.


The House of Athletics is a powerhouse. It echoes with the thunderous strides of Göteborgsvarvet, one of the globe's mightiest half marathons. It is a house where history unfolds in stunning tales, and Olympic titans forge their destinies. Yet, above all, it is a home for the future of track and field, a haven where countless children are playing and running and jumping towards their aspirations every day. In the name of championships the house extends an invitation to all masters: step inside, unleash your training and prepare for glory.


Right beyond the main stadium lies the Athlete's Village, a haven for masters enthusiasts. Picture this: a gathering where passion for the sport unites us all. Immerse yourself in good company amidst the enchanting Swedish summer, enveloped by the pulsating energy of a championship atmosphere. Join us in crafting unforgettable moments and celebrating the essence of athletic camaraderie.