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Welcome to the 2024 World Masters Athletics Championships! Your expertise and dedication are crucial to our pursuit of excellence in the summer of 2024. View this as an opportunity to contribute to the global celebration of athletic achievement. For any assistance, feel free to reach out. Let's make this event a success together!

In the world of Masters Athletics, every detail matters. And as officials, we hold the brush to paint the masterpiece of a truly memorable championship.


We organize a series of digital meetings for those of you involved in result reporting and competition administration. We provide quick guidance on everything you need to know about our administration program, Roster Athletics.



All International Volunteer Officials will be accommodated at the WMA Headquarters, situated in the Quality Hotel Waterfront. The hotel boasts a waterfront location along the Göta River, conveniently positioned just 10 minutes from the main stadium. As part of your assignment, accommodation will be provided in double rooms. For those who prefer single occupancy, there will be an extra charge of 65 Euros per night. Transportation arrangements will be made to facilitate travel between the hotel and the competition venues. If you're returning home earlier than August 26th, it's important to notify the organizer well in advance to handle the hotel booking accordingly.


Various transportation options are available for travel from the airport to the city center including rental cars, taxi services and buses located just outside the arrival hall. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes. Flygbussarna, offering multiple stops in the city, provides a convenient option at around €12. Our central transport team will have scheduled runs between the airport and subject to availability, you are warmly welcome to ride with us. Further information regarding these trips will be provided at a later time.


More information will be available as soon as the descisions are made.