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Technical Information Center


The Technical Information Center (TIC) is your go-to hub for all things technical and event-related. As the nerve center of the 2024 World Masters Athletics Championships, the TIC ensures a seamless experience for athletes and accompanying persons by offering all the essential services needed.

The TIC is located at the House of Athletics, right next to the main stadium


  • Athletes' Registration Pack
  • Accreditation
  • Confirmation
  • Diplomas
  • Medal Collection and Engraving
  • General Information
  • Schedule Changes
  • Results
  • Withdrawing
  • Merchandise
  • Lost property
  • Processing of appeals
  • Distribution of relay entry forms
  • Distribution of teams forms
  • Language services
  • Purchase of replacement Bibs and Accreditation Cards
  • Printed competition Handbook


  • 11 August 12:00 - 18:00
  • 12 August 12:00 - 20:00
  • 13 August 06:30 - 21:00
  • 14 August 06:30 - 21:00
  • 15 August 06:30 - 21:00
  • 16 August 11:00 - 18:00
  • 17 August 06:30 - 20:00
  • 18 August 06:30 - 20:00
  • 19 August 06:30 - 20:00
  • 20 August 06:30 - 20:00
  • 21 August 11:00 - 18:00
  • 22 August 06:30 - 20:00
  • 23 August 06:30 - 20:00
  • 24 August 06:00 - 22:00
  • 25 August 06:00 - 21:00


The Accreditation Center is a part of the TIC area. In general, an accreditation card is proof of authority to access specific zones to carry out a function. It will contain numbered Accreditation Zones, indicating the specific access privileges for the holder. All athletes, team managers, accompanying persons and registered team support personnel will receive an accreditation card, which must always be worn and clearly visible. The accreditation is not transferable and does not allow the holder to take another person beyond checkpoints. The holder is granted access rights only to the zones indicated on the front and shall use the designated entrances
accordingly. Only athletes who are about to compete will have access to the Call Room and to the infield – escorted by the Officials. A replacement for a lost or damaged accreditation pass can be purchased at the Accreditation Center.


All athletes will receive two bibs and eight (8) pins, which must be collected from the Athletes’ Registration Pack area in the TIC. Athletes will also receive a bag tag to label their bags.


In all competitions, the athlete must wear two bibs, properly attached to their competition top, with one bib on the front and one on the back. The exception is for jumps and throws, where the bib may be placed on the front or back or both. The bibs must not be cut, bent or otherwise modified, under penalty of disqualification. In relay events, athletes wear their own bibs. Any replacement bib will be charged at a fee of €10 (100 SEK) without a UHF tag (timing chip) and €20 (200 SEK) with a UHF tag. Replacement bibs can be purchased only from the TIC. Payment by cash only.

For track events including Steeplechase, 5000m and 5000m Race Walk, and for the the non-stadia events, lap counting and timing will be in effect at the 2024 World Masters Athletics Championships. We’re implementing a Radio Frequency Identification system (RFID) for participant tracking. When collecting your racing bibs for these events, each racer will receive a bib with a pre-programmed Ultra High Frequency tag (UHF) already attached on your front bib. A ”chip-check station” will be available in the call room to verify chip usage.

Important: Please use the bib with the timing chip as your front bib.