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Seize your moment!

Your time has come! We give you the opportunity to fulfill your lifelong dream of representing your country in a world championship. It is a dream of standing on the starting line, feeling the adrenaline course through your veins, and launching yourself into the challenge of your life. It is a chance to let go of doubts and fears, to shatter your own limitations and to transform your dreams into reality. Or to just relax and have a really good day. No matter what, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Join the race. Embrace the challenge.

And become the athlete you were always meant to be.


The championship will be held under the regulations of World Athletics as modified for Masters by World Masters Athletics (WMA) via their Competition Rules and any other special rules specified for this competition.


The 2024 World Masters Athletics Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, are open only to men and women who were born on or before 13 August 1989 and who are physically fit. Entry signifies that each competitor must follow the rules laid down by the technical and organizing committees. WMA has the right to reject entries of athletes considered ineligible through misconduct or other disciplinary matters.

An athlete must be a citizen of the country they will represent, or they must be a resident of that country for a minimum of 3 years. If an athlete has represented a different country at a previous WMA World Championship or Regional Championship, they must have change-of-allegiance paperwork on file with WMA at least 30 days before the entry deadline.

Individual events are divided into age groups as shown below. Entering the Championships does not require any specific level of performance or personal best, and you don't need to wait for anyone to choose you. You are choosing yourself.


  • M&W 35: Born from 14 August 1984 to 13 August 1989
  • M&W 40: Born from 14 August 1979 to 13 August 1984
  • M&W 45: Born from 14 August 1974 to 13 August 1979
  • M&W 50: Born from 14 August 1969 to 13 August 1974
  • M&W 55: Born from 14 August 1964 to 13 August 1969
  • M&W 60: Born from 14 August 1959 to 13 August 1964
  • M&W 65: Born from 14 August 1954 to 13 August 1959
  • M&W 70: Born from 14 August 1949 to 13 August 1954
  • M&W 75: Born from 14 August 1944 to 13 August 1949
  • M&W 80: Born from 14 August 1939 to 13 August 1944
  • M&W 85: Born from 14 August 1934 to 13 August 1939
  • M&W 90: Born from 14 August 1929 to 13 August 1934
  • M&W 95: Born from 14 August 1924 to 13 August 1929
  • M&W 100+: Born on or before 13 August 1924


Athletes may enter online or by using a paper entry form. Online is the preferred method of entry. See below for details about each method. All entries must include full payment to be considered valid. Athletes who cannot pay online must instead send a paper entry form and payment to their WMA National Masters Member ("Member"), which will then register them and pay on their behalf. The entry deadline is 4 June 2024. No entries will be accepted after the entry deadline.

All entries are subject to validation by each athlete's respective Member. Members will confirm the athlete's date of birth, citizenship and/or residential qualifications and other relevant requirements. After an athlete's registration has been validated, its status will display as "accepted" on the list of entries online ( Validation is a manual process that each Member completes, so there will be some time (days or weeks) between when you submit your registration and when it is validated. Athletes who have questions about the status of their entry should contact their Member. For athletes who reside in a country where there is no WMA National Masters Member or where the Member fails to fulfill its obligations, their entries will be subject to the approval of the WMA Council.

Additionally, athletes must complete the confirmation/declaration process to confirm whether or not they will participate in their events (confirm or scratch). This process begins at the start of the Championships. See the Championships website and Competition Handbook for details about the confirmation/declaration process, including applicable deadlines.


  • Registration Fee: 75€
  • Each Individual Event: 35€
  • Combined Events: 60€
  • Half Marathon: 50€
  • Accompanying Person (age 14 or older): 40€
  • Accompanying Person (under age 14): 20€
  • Team fee: Varies by country. Please ask your Member country for details.


As an accompanying person, they will receive an accreditation card that grants access to additional areas within the arena, free use of our shuttle buses between arenas, and access to discounts.


There is no entry fee for the relays. Only one relay per country, per relay distance, per age group is allowed. Entry for relays will be done during the Championships by the team managers.


The registration will close on Tuesday 4 June 2024.


  1. Complete the online entry form below prior to the entry deadline
  2. Submit payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at the end of the entry process
  3. Save and/or print the confirmation screen for your records
  4. Send a copy of your birth certificate to your Member for validation purposes if you have not already done so in the past
  5. Your WMA National Member will validate your registration


If you require any assistance in your registration process, please reach out to your WMA National Masters Member. The contact information for each Member Country is provided below. If you are unable to locate the appropriate contact, kindly send an email to the WMA Secretary at for additional support. For general matters, please send your email to



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  1. Contact your WMA National Masters Member to request a paper entry form
  2. Confirm the latest date required by your Member for submission of your paper entry. NB: Your Member MUST input your entry and payment into the on-line system by the closing date of 4 June 2024
  3. Complete the entry form and make a copy for your records
  4. Mail the completed entry form and all entry fees to your Member prior to the entry deadline (do not send paper entry forms directly to the LOC). NB: Paper entries sent to your Member for processing MUST include all entry fees
  5. Send a copy of your birth certificate to your Member for validation purposes if you have not already done so in the past
  6. Your WMA National Member will submit your registration, pay on your behalf and validate your registration



Drug Testing will be conducted under the WMA/World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations. See the Athlete's Consent for more details.


Payments for paper entry forms MUST be made on-line with entries by the National Masters Member of your country and all payments MUST be received by WMA not later than Tuesday 4 June 2024. If a payment has not been received by that date, an athlete will not be registered as eligible to compete in the championships.

WMA National Masters Member must validate all entries or data in the on-line system. Participants must send the entry form and entry fees to their WMA National Masters Member. New athlete entries must be validated by the WMA Member by receipt of a copy of the entrant’s birth certificate for the date of birth, and then confirmed by the member.


WMA requires that each Member validate all relevant entries electronically via the online entry system. The Local Organizing Committee ("LOC") will accept only those entries that have been validated by Members. Each Member must also input any paper entries it receives from its athletes into the online entry system. Payment is required at the time the entries are submitted. If for some reason a Member is unable to pay online, it must request an exemption from WMA. If the exemption is granted, the Member will be provided with details about how to pay offline. The Member will still be required to input paper entries into the online entry system and to validate its entries electronically. All entries must be submitted online and paid before 4 June 2024. Any entries for which WMA has not received payment by this deadline will be cancelled, and those athletes will be ineligible to compete. No exceptions will be allowed. In addition, all entries must be validated before 11 June 2024. Any entries that have not been validated by this deadline may be rejected, and those athletes will be ineligible to compete.

Members will receive communications regarding the entry process prior to the start of registration. Members that do not receive these communications should contact the WMA Secretary.

Contact information for National Masters Members is provided below. If you cannot locate the appropriate contact, please send an email to the WMA secretary for further assistance. Additionally, once you have completed your registration, your WMA National Masters Member will reach out to you in case of any uncertainties.