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Björlanda Athletics Center

Venue Text Bjorlanda
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OUR NUMBER THREE:Björlanda Athletics Center

Let’s take a ride to the north side of the river and have a look at our third stadium. Björlanda Athletics Center is all brand-new and designed to host competitions in a modern way. As well as it's the realization of an idea thanks to the World Masters Athletics Championships, it’s also built to host the future of our sport. The size of the stadium is impressive and set to square meters, there’s nothing like it to be found anywhere else in northern Europe. To bring the best out of the athletes has always been the main ambition, and the stadium has been maximized to conduct competitions on all levels. It also houses all the infrastructure and service facilities needed to make it the perfect location for a better day. The location may seem a little bit tricky, but we’ll make it easy by providing free shuttles from the main stadium. You’re welcome to a new chapter and to set up your expectations high, because the history of Björlanda Athletics Center starts with you.

Björlanda Athletics Center is a place to push boundaries and to take a look beyond the limits.


  • Opening Year: 2023
  • Capacity: 1.000
  • WA Certified: ✓


  • 8-lane 400m track
  • 2 High Jump beds
  • 3 Pole Vault beds
  • 2 Long Jump/Triple Jump pits
  • 2 Shot Put area
  • 3 Cages for rotating throws
  • 4 Javelin run ups


  • Bag Drop
  • Coffe Shop ✓
  • Dressing Rooms ✓
  • Food Court ✓
  • Implements Control Room
  • Information Center ✓
  • Media Center
  • Media Stand ✓
  • Medical Service ✓
  • Night Lighting System ✓
  • Technical Information Center
  • Toilets ✓
  • VIP Service
  • Volunteers Service Center ✓
  • Water Stations ✓