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Pole Rental Service by Nordic Sport


In an exciting collaboration with Nordic Sport, participants of the upcoming World Championships in Gothenburg are being offered a convenient solution for their pole vaulting needs. Competitors now have the opportunity to rent poles directly from the factory nestled in the forests of northern Sweden, eliminating the hassle of transportation logistics and allowing athletes to focus solely on their performance.

A variety of pole models catering to different skill levels are being made available for rental. However, interested participants are reminded that the deadline for rental requests is April 30th, after which only a fixed selection will remain accessible.

Priced at 80 euros per rental, the process is straightforward. Athletes simply need to select their preferred pole model from the provided options, then email their details - including name, age group, date of competition, event, and chosen pole model - to Following this, they can proceed to the championship's online store, navigate to the "Equipment" category, and select the "Rental Pole" option to place their order and complete the payment process.

Once the order is confirmed, it will be promptly forwarded to the pole factory. A dedicated technical team in Gothenburg will oversee the quality control process upon receiving the pole, ensuring that it meets the highest standards. The rented pole will then be delivered directly to the athlete at the competition venue, streamlining the entire process.

At the conclusion of their competition, athletes are simply asked to leave the rented pole at the venue. With this service, Nordic Sport and the organizers of the World Championships aim to enhance the overall experience for pole vaulters, allowing them to concentrate fully on their performance on the track.